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Gen Con, Five Year Plan, And Why QoS Didn’t Fly

Welp, since The Techno Jesus has managed to beat me to a Gen Con 2012 post, I finally got up off my behind (or rather, sat down for once) and am getting this post written.

If you want to read about my wildly embarrassing but slightly tear-jerking (if you’re me) encounter with Wil Wheaton, then later I will post that but only if you REALLY want to hear it. It was actually pretty cool and he was really nice and kind of took my fangirling in stride, because he’s a bro.

Anyhow here are some pictures of me being a dork at GenCon. I stole most of them from my friends on Facebook, without permission. They’ll get over it.

One of those pictures may contain way more of a certain mercenary’s junk than I’m entirely comfortable with, but whatever. I kind of dork’d all over most of those pictures – I was super excited and running mostly on Diet Coke and glee (the emotion, not the melodramatic television show), and it was my first Con and I GOT TO MEET WIL WHEATON and I probably wasn’t getting enough oxygen anyway because oh my god breathing in that corset.

Moving on.

The Five Year Plan has more to do with my career than anything else, but there are some way more personal things involved in it, too. I won’t transpose word-for-word because I’m not sure that most of what I scribbled onto the napkin at work behind the register actually counts as WORDS anymore, more like smudges, but here’s the gist:

By December of This Year:

DeAngelis: Resurrection done. No excuses. I had a light-bulb moment at work earlier that more or less fixed 75% of the issues I’ve been having with the entire freaking SERIES and so I’m ready to plow ahead. I turned in the first chapter to my fiction workshop I’m participating in this semester, and even people who don’t quite get it absolutely loved it. My biggest fan-boy right now is a pastor, which tickles me to death because I figured that would be the demographic the book would piss off the most. But, I guess you never can tell with bees.

Be shopping for an agent. While I’m aware that ebook self-publishing has kind of opened up a whole new avenue for writers and authors, the fact of the matter is that the publishing houses still have a lot of power, and a lot of clout.

Have A Short Story/Novella Done, or Nearly. I need to self-publish something, regardless, and I’ve got a few little ideas that I could churn out in a week or so and throw onto the internets.

By December of 2013:

Book #2 Finished. There is actually a title for this one, I just can’t remember it at the moment, and I’m too lazy to go document-hunting. Regardless, after graduation, I’m going to have way more time to be working on my writing even if I’m working full-time. There’s no excuse to not have the second book of the deAngelis series finished.

At Least Two Novellas/Short Stories E-Published. Can’t hurt to get my name out there.

Professional(ish) Website. While a blog is great, a website will be even better, with a link TO the blog, or the blog being part of it. Something snappy, you know? That brags about what a great writer I am, and points people to the work I have available on e-readers, and points out that if someone WANTS to pay me to proofread or line-edit their stuff, then I am more than willing to do so.

Get The Heck Out of Dodge. Terre Haute is butts. I will not get trapped here.

By December of 2014:

Book #3 Done.

Books 1 and 2 Published.


By December of 2015:

 Supporting Myself With My Writing. Or editing, or a combination of both. Either works for me, as long as people are buying my stuff.

By December of 2017:

Own a House. Or at least have a house that I live in that the bank owns and that I am paying them back for. The house must have an office

All Five Books Done, Published or very nearly all published.

Studio. For various crafting adventures. Sewing, dying my own yarn, power tools. Lots and lots of power tools. I will accept an air-conditioned, well-lit, not-dusty workshop in the backyard with a great stereo and Wi-Fi.

Welp, I’ve managed to keep myself up until a ridiculous hour of the morning, but there you have it. My plan. Lets watch me stumble through it!

You’ll notice I don’t mention QoS at all, that magazine plan that didst crash and burn most predictably. Honestly, life kind of hit me in the face like a trainwreck right about when the critical workload needed to get done, and I just couldn’t handle it. Also, having experienced what needed to be done, I realized that the whole project was a bit too lofty for just me and Sam to handle. I would need a part-time staff of four or five people, at least, and that just wasn’t going to happen. So, maybe one day, when I have mountains of cash to just throw at hopeful young interns, but for now it’s a failed experiment that I can learn from. If you submitted work to QoS, all the rights hereby revert back to you. I release you! I’m so sorry to have gotten you all excited for nothing, but think of it as a learning experience and enjoy the opportunity to go submit your work to someone who has got it way more together than I do.

And with that, I think I shall head for bed. I got hit with a mild case of food poisoning earlier this evening and I definitely need to rest up before the three (ugh) exams that I have tomorrow… all before noon. Good night, all!

What I’ve Been Doing While You’ve Been Writing Fiction for QoS

  1. Video Games
  2. Forgetting to shower
  3. Eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast
  4. Job hunting from my couch
  5. Spamming the call for submissions

English: Half a dozen home-made cookies. Ingre...No, but seriously, that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to.

What happens is, someone lends me a video game, and then I hog Eric’s Xbox 360 until either (a) I beat the game, (b) I forget I have it in my possession, or (c) the game pisses me off enough that I rage!quit and give it back to the owner, lying about how much I loved it. Since I’m playing Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, I’m not sure how likely option (b) is at this point, but it’s still a 50/50 between (a) and (c). I love this game, it’s beautiful, why did I go this long without playing an AC game that wasn’t on the PSP? But it pisses me off because why won’t it do what it’s supposed to when I’m following the button-pushing instructions to a “t” seriously omg.

Since I don’t have a job, and most of my friends are either out of town for the summer or do have jobs, I’ve not had much reason to leave my apartment. I make a trip to Walmart when I run out of food. I stay up til midnight or one or two in the morning, and I sleep til noon, and then I lay around on my couch and play video games and, really, I’m not trying to impress anybody, so what’s the point? Also I just forget. And I’m lazy. Too lazy, in fact, to scramble a few eggs, so breakfast the last couple days has been chocolate chip cookies and raspberry Diet Rite. At about 10pm I remember to eat again because I get a headache and then I eat ramen or ravioli or something just as uninspiring.

I’ve also been doing a lot of job-hunting (when I’m not assassinating people in-game). Misti Wolanski has put it into my head that I could make a living proofreading and editing and line-editing or copyediting or dancing or something like that, and so I’ve put out a lot of emails and resumes and cover letters and not heard much back. But I did get a job to nanny 25 hours a week for $15 an hour, so at least I won’t starve.

Also, yes, we’re still accepting submissions for Qu33n of Spades’ Fiction Magazine!We’ve gotten a lot of submissions so far, but seriously guys, I’m inundated with poetry and I could probably use some more fiction. That doesn’t mean stop sending in poetry! We love poetry! But it is a fiction magazine, so please please please please please send in some fiction! I love you!

Another Cool Announcement

So, it seems like a lot of cool things are happening right now in my world (one of those things would NOT be the paper on Edgar Allan Poe that I’m supposed to be researching two days ago and turning in by 1pm tomorrow). I’m still plugging away happily at Galahad Roy and the Jade Coyote, my Avengers party is on Thursday (marathoning all the origin stories before seeing The Avengers at midnight*), and after tomorrow (Wednesday) I am done with my second-to-last undergrad semester (remains to be seen if I’ll get into grad school, but that’s a worry for another time).

But I have a brand NEW thing to announce, and it’s loads more fun for everyone.

The month of June will see the publication of a brand new (epub) magazine: Qu33n of Spades’ Fiction Magazine.

The details will follow here over the next week, but here are some definite things I can tell you:

  • I will be one of two editors. The other will be the one-and-only Samuel T. Franklin. He’s the founder and editor of the Ides of March journal, and a fantastic writer as well. He also always wrote fantastic comments on my own manuscripts when we took fiction workshops together. I’m super excited to be working with him. He’s loads of fun, and knows his stuff.
  • This magazine will be published purely in an e-publication format. That means Kindle, Kindle app, .mobi, Nook, you name it.
  • We will be accepting genre fiction, literary fiction, and poetry. If you try to submit fanfiction, I will punch you in the face.
  • Contributors will actually be paid.**

I/we are still hashing out a lot of the details, but for now those are the big ones. We’ll probably open up a call for submissions here in a  couple weeks, so start brainstorming, maybe start writing!

As far as the big picture goes, I’m super excited. This is a great way for me to keep building my platform, despite still being in school, and it will make people in the industry Treat Me Like An Adult. I hope. I really hope they think I’m an adult, and ignore the fact that I’m almost constantly wearing superhero tshirts.

Stay tuned for more updates!

P.S. I’d like to find a new artist every month to design the cover for each issue. Such an artist would likely be paid, too. If you or someone you know might be interested, let me know in the comments.


* Yes, shut up, rest of the world, I know the US is the freaking last country in the flipping world to see a movie about American superheroes fighting bad guys in America.

** Maybe only enough to buy a large everything pizza to celebrate getting published, but it’ll be something.