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On Weddings, Writing, and Wondrous Things

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted. I’m very bad at writing posts for this site, but it’s only because I can’t think of anything very interesting to say on a regular basis in any sort of coherent matter, and tend to wait until several things worth telling about accumulate in the inbox of my life before I start working on them.

First things first, my best friend got married! So that was exciting. I didn’t do a lot as her maid of honor except for hold her parasol and let the prep-girl put false eyelashes on her even though Shana told me not to let the prep-girl put false eyelashes on her. (Later she said she actually really liked them and might wear them all the time, so I wasn’t actually a traitor anymore.)

There are a lot of beautiful photos from the wedding, especially some of my boyfriend grooving at the reception to “Never Gonna Give You Up” and me not wearing shoes. The photographer gave me permission to post some of them as long as I credit her, so I just want to take a second to say that Stephanie ‘Willock’ Heng did a BEAUTIFUL job and they all look just great!

It was a fun wedding! We went off our diet for the weekend for financial and convenience readings, but let me tell you… it is not a good idea to try and eat wedding cake after six weeks of no sugar. What a buzz! We both only got through a bite or two… not doing that again for a while! Even pizza was almost a little much.

What I can also show you are pictures of my wedding gift to the bride and groom… completed the afternoon before the rehearsal!

photo by Chris Ndife

I’m so glad I’m done working on it! At the same time, though, now I don’t know what to do when I’m watching TV… I promised myself (and Chris) that I would take a break from stitching for at least a month and actually spend time with him, and my writing, and reading. Also geeze my eyes probably really need a rest.

Other great things that happened: I got a new job! I wasn’t getting enough hours at the restaurant, and I really wasn’t getting along with most of the other employees, and so it was an awesome surprise when the manager at the local AMC Theatre left me a voicemail asking me to come in for an interview. I think I applied for a job there back in, like, March, when my manager at the restaurant and I really got into a tizzy and I was ten seconds from quitting (the only reason I didn’t was because, well, I need the money). My first day at AMC was yesterday – LOTS of training videos and paperwork, huzzah! – and I unfortunately went in with a mild to moderate, very visible allergic reaction to probably a crawfish I ate the night before. Yeah. I had ONE crawfish, and by noon the next day my upper lip and my eyelids were swollen and itchy and they hurt. My aunt asked me if I looked like Will Smith in Hitch. Haha, very funny. No, I didn’t.

(Most people said they didn’t notice until I had pointed it out, but most of those were people who had never seen me before. Chris saw a selfie I took during the worst of it and confirmed that it looked like a classic shellfish allergy.)

Bad news: there are bugs biting me at night. No confirmation yet on whether or not they are bedbugs again (I REALLY hope I don’t have to live through that nightmare again), could possibly be fleas. (Please, please, PLEASE be fleas.) So far I have torn my bedroom apart looking for bedbugs, but have found nothing – no fecal matter, blood spots, cast offs, or bugs living or dead. However, I’m getting eaten up pretty bad, although the bites look like mosquito bites and are faded or almost entirely gone by the afternoon. My apartment manager is having the Terminix guy come out tomorrow and inspect, and he’ll treat for whatever he finds – and thank God, I don’t have to pay for it at all. The last thing I need right now is another bill. The bites didn’t start showing up until our outing to the park on July 4th, so hopefully I just brought something non-bedbug-like back from there, either the grass or the hillbillies who were out in full force the latter part of last week, and it’ll be gone quick.

My Itty Bitty Idea BookCamp NaNoWriMo started last week, and like always, I’m pretty behind. I got caught up in a week-long binge of The Sims 3, which always seems to happen about the time these noveling months start. However, I do have a lot of research and a good start and I SHOULD be able to reach my 100k goal by the end of the month (helps that July has 31 days instead of, you know, 28). I’m putting deAngelis on the backburner because it’s giving me a coronary, and deciding to write something fresh and new (kind of) that’s been hanging out in my little writing notebook and the back of my mind for a while, now. I’d tell you about it, but I haven’t really worked up to the point where I can give an accurate or catching back-of-novel blurb just yet, so you’ll have to be content in knowing simply that I’m finally working on Steel, and having a lot of fun.

Currently I’m reading two books in one go, partially because I was about 100 pages into Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay, and then somehow it ended up in my boyfriend’s trunk and my boyfriend just left for a four-day trip to Washington, D.C., so I had to go to the book I had on deck, with was Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera. I love Marquez and the calm that seems to emanate from his writing is exactly what I need right now. Wild Cards is still only partially-read on my Kindle, but library books take priority because they have, you know, a due date. Also there’s only so much George R. R. Martin that a girl can handle in a few days, otherwise life starts feeling a little doomed and bleak and like everyone you know and love is going to die or be horribly maimed.


So, now I’m off to actually get some work done. Look for more frequent updates or posting this week as I try to while away a few boring days of no boyfriend and no Diet coke.