Camp NaNoWriMo!

Sooooo, I’ll admit, I kind of forgot about this until I saw something on Facebook about it. Whoops.


But I’m giving it a shot!

I honestly feel like I should. I’ve been pretty successful in past NaNoWriMos, and last November I did pretty abysmally. So I’m going to have some fun and create a new world and some new characters and just write a little bit every day, and see where I get.

I’m going a bit different from my usual fare with this novel. It’s a fantasy/romance, and if it goes well I will likely put it up for sale on epub. Chris of binary expletivesuggested that I just name it SEXY WEREWOLF TIME, but that wouldn’t be any fun.

Oh. Yeah, forgot to mention. There are werewolves. Everybody is werewolves in this story.

I don’t know much about this story yet; currently it’s just kind of falling out of me. What I do know, however, is the following:

  1. The sexy hero is going to have the sexy name of Roland Ironfury.
  2. Someone is going to fight somebody and they will turn into werewolves, because everybody is werewolves in this story.
  3. The heroine’s name is Mikaia Farflame.
  4. Everybody lives in the desert. Well, at least the story will take place in a city in the desert. And everybody is werewolves.
  5. Roland will have been sent to kill Mikaiabut of course, he’s going to fall in love with her instead, because this is a romance novel.
  6. Everybody is werewolves.

FUN FACT: This is what comes up if you decide to Google “sexy werewolves.” *

This is what came up when I Google'd "sexy werewolves."

But yeah, as far as SEXY WEREWOLF TIME** is concerned, that’s really all I know. Pretty much. I might be a dear and put it up on Fictionpress for a time, who knows.

I’m a lot more cheered up after the employment debacle from the other day. Several friends gave me tips about local places that are hiring, and I sent my resume and cover letter to several more places offering to proofread or edit and whatnot. If nothing else, it looks like I (might) have a guaranteed job in August, so that will be great. I feel so useless not having anything to do right now. I’ve ALWAYS had a job over the summer, and most winter breaks, and to not have one really stresses me out. Yeah, I do enjoy the ability to stay home and play video games*** all day, but I do want to be able to pitch in for groceries and not have my rent wait until fall loans come in and, you know, be able to go to lunch with a friend without them saying something like, “Hey, I’ll pay, let’s go get something to eat.”

At any rate, I’ve had such a long string of bad luck lately, things are sure to be looking up soon, right?


* No, seriously though, DO NOT Google “sexy werewolves.” It brought up a lot of other things, too. I – I don’t – why?!


*** I did briefly consider writing a series of posts about my experience with Singularity. They would be titled “KAYLA SCREAMING FOREVER.” I might still do it, if anybody begs me hard enough. Or makes puppy-eyes at me. Or just shows any amount of interest.


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  1. But if you want it to be a true werewolf romance novel, you need at least 3 male werewolves who all fall in love with the female werewolf. I don’t know why, but this is popular. *shrug*

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