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Massive Apology

So, I owe y’all an apology.

Especially the people who have submitted to QoS, and are waiting with bated breath to hear back from me. I’ve fallen a bit behind. Yes, it’s going to be late. Not by much! but real life has been kicking my butt and I meant to be sending out contracts like two weeks ago at least and that hasn’t happened yet, and I can’t publish until I have contracts signed. So that’s going to be my task here for the next couple days.

I’m now shooting for July 4th as the publication date. That’ll give me a while to get contracts out, get them back, throw together the files, and then get it out there. To people who submitted to QoS, I am so, so sorry that you’ve been waiting so long. I know I said I’d let you know either way what the decision was on your work by June 15th, and I’m painfully aware that it is now the 19th. Look for an email from me by the end of the 21st.

I feel awful about doing this, but QoS is by no means anyone’s bread and butter, so I needed to prioritize the pest control issues going on in my apartment, and my continued (and fruitless) job hunt. I ask that you guys be patient with me, and I promise that you’ll get something worth the wait. I’d rather you guys get something done correctly and well and a little late, than get something slapped-together and incomplete and half-assed but on time.

If I have time in the next couple of days, I’m going to write a series of posts on Strong Female Characters in pop lit/media, so look for that, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Anyhow, here’s David Tennant, who is the only one who can express just how sorry I am.

Day #5: Scrivener, Leviathan, Behind


Despite the less-than-glowing review I gave Scrivener several months ago, I am in fact giving it another shot. I’ve been wanting to branch out beyond yWriter5, which I’ve been using for some time. There’s nothing particularly wrong with yWriter5, but it’s reached the point where I’ve used it long enough to know what I really want out of a word-processor that’s geared more toward noveling than your vanilla Microsoft Word or Notepad or One Note or whatever.

I’ll be honest, one of my main complaints about this program was how complicated it seemed. I will still stand by my statement that the manual or tutorial or whatever is overly wordy and makes the whole thing like a bigger pain in the ass than it really is. It also helps that I had a clear mind of what I wanted to do, instead of typing “butts butts butts” everywhere I could and coming up with characters named “Butts McGee” and “Butticus Buttpherson.”

It’s got some nifty features, for sure. I can’t get over that nagging feeling that something’s missing, but for now, this is good. It might be that what’s missing is something to do with me, and not the program. So yes, I am pretty stoked about the 50% discount on Scrivener that winners of Camp NaNoWriMo will receive. Woohoo!


I’ve also started reading another book, this time to participate in the Geek Girls Book Club book of the month thingymadendum. I follow them on Facebook and Goodreads but don’t really do much else but occasionally comment on a status. However, they announced on June 1st (or somewhere thereabouts) that the book they’d be reading this month would be Scott Westerfield’s Leviathan, and I thought, why not?

My goal is to read two chapters a day (allowing me to finish up a bit earlier than the end of the month… I have some breathing room, even after managing to get hold of the book a bit late). I was too poor to buy it, but my lovely friend Ellyn was gracious enough to lend me her copy – and to deliver it to my apartment herself! So much thanks to Ellyn for perpetuating my nerddom.

Westerfield’s writing, by the end of chapter two, is compelling enough to keep me reading, although it’s not yet blowing my mind. However, I’ve also got to keep in mind that this is YA lit, and not the kind of YA lit I’m used to, either. I had to keep myself from reading ahead of the schedule I’d set for myself. Since I don’t have a job, I’ve got a list of tasks for each day I’m assigning myself. So far… (not in any particular order)

  • Work on NaNo novel
  • Do dishes (either from breakfast or the day before)
  • Take care of business (QoS or ISU-Con)
  • Apply to at least 7 jobs
  • Read Leviathan chapters
  • Laundry/other chores

At some point I will work in “trip to the gym” in there, but until I can get caught up with all the laundry, that ain’t happening.

I’m a bit behind on my wordcount for NaNo, but less out of not being able to write and more out of putting off writing. I got a bit swallowed up by, erm, Facebook games. Whoops. I’m actually going to finish up before I go to bed (which, although it won’t count as “winning” on the last day, is good enough for me here in the first week), which will be here soonly.


Day #3: Catching Up and Chillin’ Out


Yesterday was my sister’s 22nd birthday, so I made my way to Indianapolis to hang out with her. Was kind of a small celebration, since our parents are out of town, but my brothers (13 and 15) made her a batch of gluten-free cupcakes* and some chocolate chip cookies.**

Happy Birthday, Lolo!

They could only manage to get a dozen cupcakes out of the mix, which is why there are two P’s on one cupcake. Oh well. It was still pretty neat! Lauren was laughing so much she couldn’t manage to blow out the candles, either so they helped her with that, too.

Then I sat down to deal with the daunting task of catching up with my Camp NaNoWriMo count. Yesterday the writing goal was was 3,333 words, and I had managed to conjure a measly 238. Whoooo.

So after having a bit of a Legend of Korra marathon with one of my brothers, I decided to blast through the 3,100 words I was behind and get caught up in time to just have to do today’s 1,667 words. It took me until 3:30am (meaning I didn’t roll out of bed until about 1:45 this afternoon), but I got it done. I also apparently managed to get to today’s wordcount goal without realizing it, which tells you how out of it I was by the time that I finally called it quits and went to bed.

Working title of SEXY WEREWOLF TIEM has been changed to a new working title of Feral Call, suggested by, yes, Chris of Binary Expletive. SEXY WEREWOLF TIEM, while funnier, may be a bit more offensive to my family members than Feral Call. Eventually I’ll stop worrying about things like that, but for now I still occasionally have to phone my dad and say, “Uh, can you float me some cash for groceries maybe please?”


This also comes up when you Google “sexy werewolf time.” I just… I have no words.

So far there’s been no sexiness in Feral Call but apparently my main character is a blacksmith. For some reason I keep thinking of him as a weird cross between Lord Maccon, from Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate, and Gendry, from Game of Thrones.

conall maccon


Come to think of it, now what I see those pictures side-by-side… they kind of look alike. (Although I will say that the image I had of Conall Maccon while I was reading Soulless is not what ended up in the manga… although I’m certainly not complaining. I just expected him to be more… barrel-chested.)



* My sister is allergic to wheat, eggs, dairy, mold, trees, grass, pollen, cats, dogs, and pretty much everything else.

** The cookies were premade, just frozen, so all they had to do was heat them up. But as you can see from the picture, it was all part of a pretty creative idea.