Summer 2012: The Summer of Writing (And Reading)

It’s been a hectic academic year, guys. Mostly because of bedbugs screwing up my mental state and my living space and forcing me to move, but also driving me nuts enough that some of my school stuff suffered (hence why I’m glad Southern American Lit was an elective and I can retake Biology 112 and its associated lab online during the summer). I also was able to get very little writing done, partially because of that subconscious block and also because I work best at home, and home was infested with tiny little bloodsucking critters.*

Anyhow, that hell is over with (hopefully) and I can move on with my life. I’ve got one more semester of my undergrad left and then its time to apply for grad school! Also I’ve apparently got a contact through my mother at the Publishing Institute at the University of Denver, and so I might be going there for a few weeks next summer.***

Also I am done being mad at WordPress for overdrafting my account by charging me a domain renewal fee a month early. An exchange of a half-dozen emails could not seem to convey to the customer service rep what my problem actually was with what happened. I wish I could have just talked to a real person. But all that was something like six months ago and I’m going to move on.

I don’t have a ton to talk about today but I figured I’d give you guys an update. The polls I have out on Facebook about “what kind of content would you like to see?” aren’t really garnering any responses, so I’m just going to wing it until someone complains. Until then, write me something for the Qu33n of Spades’ Fiction Magazine and go ahead and read my latest book review below.


A Princess of Mars (Barsoom, #1)A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Princess of Mars is pulp fiction in all of its glory, with the ultra!heroic hero, the unbelievably beautiful and devotion-inspiring heroine, the without-a-doubt evil antagonists. People coming to this book after seeing the movie will find several differences, but none of them particularly disappointing — each medium has things that work for it, and things that don’t.

As a previous reviewer mentioned, it is a bit difficult to listen to John Carter talk, in first person, to the read about how awesome he is. John Carter being the undisputed King of Awesome is not really a problem, given the genre — a cast of static and slightly flat characters is kind of “allowed” in pulp fiction — but as an audience, what we can accept has changed a bit since 1912.

This is a lovely read, something you could devour in a couple of days or just read one chapter a day. Names and places are easy to keep track of (something that is always difficult for me with contemporary sci-fi lit), and the science, while not necessarily accurate or realistic in some cases, is believable and a pretty good “guess” for Edgar Rice Burroughs writing in 1912.

It’s a fun read, if nothing else; you can imagine ERB sitting at his typewriter working away and then going, “Oh, damn! That would be so COOL!” and adding whatever cool thing he just thought of to the story. Will definitely be reading the next book in the series once I get around to it.


* People will tell you that bedbugs are nocturnal. This is absolutely not true. We won’t get into all the horror I have endured since we first noticed this problem in September, but I will say that even after moving to a new apartment and being as careful as humanly possible, I am still freaking the flip out, and the paranoia is not fun.**

** In my nightmares, bedbugs look like this:


I’m not kidding.

*** And I just remembered, I was supposed to call and chat with that contact several weeks ago… whoops, thanks for nothing pest problems and academia.


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