Another Cool Announcement

So, it seems like a lot of cool things are happening right now in my world (one of those things would NOT be the paper on Edgar Allan Poe that I’m supposed to be researching two days ago and turning in by 1pm tomorrow). I’m still plugging away happily at Galahad Roy and the Jade Coyote, my Avengers party is on Thursday (marathoning all the origin stories before seeing The Avengers at midnight*), and after tomorrow (Wednesday) I am done with my second-to-last undergrad semester (remains to be seen if I’ll get into grad school, but that’s a worry for another time).

But I have a brand NEW thing to announce, and it’s loads more fun for everyone.

The month of June will see the publication of a brand new (epub) magazine: Qu33n of Spades’ Fiction Magazine.

The details will follow here over the next week, but here are some definite things I can tell you:

  • I will be one of two editors. The other will be the one-and-only Samuel T. Franklin. He’s the founder and editor of the Ides of March journal, and a fantastic writer as well. He also always wrote fantastic comments on my own manuscripts when we took fiction workshops together. I’m super excited to be working with him. He’s loads of fun, and knows his stuff.
  • This magazine will be published purely in an e-publication format. That means Kindle, Kindle app, .mobi, Nook, you name it.
  • We will be accepting genre fiction, literary fiction, and poetry. If you try to submit fanfiction, I will punch you in the face.
  • Contributors will actually be paid.**

I/we are still hashing out a lot of the details, but for now those are the big ones. We’ll probably open up a call for submissions here in a  couple weeks, so start brainstorming, maybe start writing!

As far as the big picture goes, I’m super excited. This is a great way for me to keep building my platform, despite still being in school, and it will make people in the industry Treat Me Like An Adult. I hope. I really hope they think I’m an adult, and ignore the fact that I’m almost constantly wearing superhero tshirts.

Stay tuned for more updates!

P.S. I’d like to find a new artist every month to design the cover for each issue. Such an artist would likely be paid, too. If you or someone you know might be interested, let me know in the comments.


* Yes, shut up, rest of the world, I know the US is the freaking last country in the flipping world to see a movie about American superheroes fighting bad guys in America.

** Maybe only enough to buy a large everything pizza to celebrate getting published, but it’ll be something.


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