Novella Announcement

As much as I love to read and watch and wallow in science fiction, though, I’ve never really tried to write it, despite those fanfictions from my childhood. I’ve always felt like one has to be more of a nerd** than I am to be able to keep all that crap straight in one’s head.

But I’ve had in my head this tiny little tidbit of a story. It’s kind of cliche’d, and there’s not too terribly much character development in there, but it’s COOL. There’s lots of COOL in there. And I realized the other day, while lounging around reading A Princess of Mars*** when I should have been memorizing ~te conjugations of Japanese verbs, that this story would fit in a beautiful little genre called pulp. And that I could probably write the whole damn thing in a month, because the story itself is kind of novella-sized. And you know what? It’s going to be postcyberpunk, because I can. And you know what? I’m not going to worry about science. I’ll just make shit up. Because it’s science fiction. And if I really need stuff to make sense I’ll get the damn thing read by someone who is a bigger nerd than I, and then they can fix my science. I’ll just handle the fiction.

So, here’s the initial announcement: I am starting a new novella. Current working title:


I’m super excited. Thanks for the kick in the pants, Mr. Burroughs.


* For the record, I am familiar with Star Wars, and I can hold my own in even a discussion of the extended universe, but it’s never quite hit me the way that Star Trek and Firefly did, kind of like how Torchwood just never came close to how amazing Doctor Who is. I care less about aliens and more about technology and psychology and evolving cultures. Although lightsabers are cool and I would really like one for my birthday.

** And here’s where I bring in my own definitions of the terms “nerd” and “geek” and why they are different. When I say “nerd”, I mean someone whose main interests are mathematical — math and science and computers, etc. I consider a geek someone who is much more in tune with pop culture — superheros and RPGs and that sort of thing. One can be both a geek AND a nerd, of course, and a lot of people certainly are, but I am not one of them.

***I also want to personally punch in the face everyone who gave John Carter a bad review, especially the media, making it sound like it was going to be crap. No, Disney did not do itself any favors as far as advertisement went — but that’s a subject for another post. I went to the film because I wanted to see a movie and nothing else sounded appetizing, and I expected to be rolling my eyes through the majority of it, and you know what? It was good. And I’m convinced that half the reason it did so poorly in the box office is that the media just flipping sabotaged it before it could get out of the gate. Thanks for nothing, critics.


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