New in Flash Fiction: Some Sort of Lonely Butterfly Magic

Poetry is not something I really care to do anymore.

The issue is that poetry is extremely introspective, and I prefer to do introspection while in the company of a licensed therapist, who can tell me when to snap out of it and get over myself before I start sliding into that horrible cycle of I suck flaming monkey doodoo forever.

This poem that just sort of fell out of me tonight didn’t really come from anywhere specific. It’s flavored with some personal experience, but I’m not going to point out what is what because I don’t want it to color the way that you read it. It’s a fictionalized memory, altered for the purpose of art. I guess they call that creative nonfiction? Whatever.

Anyhow, you can go up to the Flash Fiction header up top to find it, or just click here. Enjoy! Tomorrow you get another writing software review. Delicious.


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