Insert Alan Moore & MLP Crossover Joke Here

Welp, I survived the part of the week in which I had to Do Things.

Today I took finals in the two classes that I have with Techno Jesus, being Japanese class and Graphic Novels class. Embarrassingly, I completely futzed the bit on the Japanese final were I had to translate the Japanese sentences on the page into English. Slowly-spoken Japanese I can translate just fine, and I can translate to Japanese from English in either form pretty well (although written is still easiest for me) given the context of how much was covered in class. Somehow, though, despite the fact that I can usually make it and the fact that I actually had a Japanese-English, English-Japanese dictionary with me, I stared at them moon-runes for about five minutes before I decided to just move on and cut my losses.

Graphic Novels went much better, despite the fact that I had neglected to read two of the texts that were covered on it*. Techno Jesus summed up the plots for me before we headed to class.** I was able to answer the questions about Neil Gaiman’s Dream Country with a relative amount of ease, and the short essay about whether or not I considered the film Watchmen an accurate and faithful representation of the graphic novel was a piece of cake.***

My Little Pony on Drugs

There are no words.

Now I’ve got three weeks and a handful of days with which to do… what? Well, for starters I know I’m going to rush through making a butt-ton of Christmas gifts with the limited craft supplies that I have (too poor and carless to go get more right now), and then afterwards I’m likely going to come up with some farce of a writing schedule to work on deAngelis some more. My pitiful 11,000 words this past NaNoWriMo was just flipping embarrassing. I’ve not lost NaNoWriMo since 2007, and I am determined not to do lose ever again.‡

Also, did I mention that I’ve got it on good authority that Santa is bringing me a brand new laptop for Christmas? 😀


*Fun Home, by Alison Bechdel, and Pride of Baghdad, by Brian K. Vaughn and Niko Henrichon.

** ME: Okay, um, what’s the plot of Fun Home?
TECHNO JESUS: Lesbian’s dad is a closet gay who stays married to her mom for years and then one day throws himself under a truck. It gets rehashed over and over again. The end.

***For the record, I said I thought that it was 90% accurate, and 8 of the remaining 10% was it being faithful – to the story, not Alan Moore. Replacing the psychic flying spaghetti monster-Beholder cross-breed with something that makes a bit more sense and makes Ozymandias look like more of a genius than a nut and actually creates more of an emotional crisis in the main characters and is more realistic is way more important to the story than the acid trip Alan Moore wanted to hold onto to bolster his reputation as The Weirdest Kid On the Block.†

†For the record, he’s tied neck-and-neck with Tim Burton, and I’m not impressed with either of them. To me, Alan Moore is the crazy guy with the fuck-off beard†† who lives up in the mountains and tries to put a round or two of buckshot in anyone who tries to bother him, and once every ten years or so he’ll bring us a graphic novel with all the gravity and attitude as if he’s bringing us the Ten Commandments on the original stones tablets. Then he disappears into the mountains again muttering to himself in authentic frontier gibberish.†††

††Fact: it has been scientifically proven that Alan Moore’s beard writes all of his graphic novels for him.

†††I don’t have anything funny to say about Tim Burton, unfortunately. I used all my zingers up in that vignette about Alan Moore. Enjoy.

‡Because I donated to The Office of Letters and Light, I got a very pretty bookmark signed by the head honchos. I’m using it faithfully as I blow through my copy of Dance with Dragons, but it makes me feel kind of guilty when I look at it. Yes, I love it, but I was playing WoW instead of writing, I do not deserve such lovely things.


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  1. 月語は難しいです。

    You didn’t tell the people what the laptop is.

  2. I tried to answer you in Japanese, but it was just a flipping mess. Sorry.

  3. All I wrote in Japanese is that Moonpeople-speak is difficult.

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