Finals Week

It’s clear to me that I belong in my chosen demographic when, during a commercial for TV Land, the only actor featured that appealed to me at all in any way was Betty White.

I meant to spend the weekend either studying for finals, which are this week, or working on some idea for what to write about for the next few posts. Mostly I managed to cook a lot of food, clean a lot of dishes, and play a lot of Fable III.

Look what I can do!

That's hand-breaded, pan-fried chicken, bitches. Yeah.

Tomorrow I’ve got a final in my World Lit class, supposedly mostly over Paradise Lost, which more or less makes me want to stab myself in the face repeatedly. I’ve probably gone over my issues with Milton*, so I won’t do it again, except to say that the only reason I tolerate his magnum opus is that it’s a pretty accurate, interesting insight into his personal psychology, for reals.

My roommate is getting married in a week! And I’m going! It will actually be the first time that I’ve been to a non-family wedding, and the first time I’ll have been to a wedding without my parents also in attendance. I feel very much like Sunday with Make Me An Adult For Realsies. Techno Jesus is going to be my date and we’ll probably not end up matching and pretend we don’t notice. Is it a rule that you have to match your date if you’re going to a wedding? When I dated LordJazor for a bit he made a little bit of noise over the fact that we didn’t match for our New Year’s Date with my best friend and her fella, which seemed odd to me. Okay, yeah, if we were going to a fancy party or something, that would be one thing, but we went to an Outback Steakhouse.**

There are a lot of etiquette things of that sort that baffle me, especially what with all these technological doo-dads we’ve got now. What is the protocol for unfriending the recently un-significanted significant other of a close friend when you originally only friended them to avoid creating drama. What do you say in a texting conversation that you want to continue, but you don’t know how to respond to the most recent text you’ve got in your inbox? What do you do when you thank someone, like a gas station attendant, and then accidentally say “you’re welcome” right after?

Socially Awkward Penguin

Maybe I should just go to bed?


*Being that he’s a racist, genocidal &#$!head, and pompous on top of all that.

** Also, anyway, Jazor was all decked out in his posh regalia and there is nothing I will ever own in a million years that wouldn’t have made me look like a bad cosplay trying to convince everybody that I fit in.


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