Monthly Archives: August 2011

I’m Making a Note Here, “Huge Success.”

All I have to say about the month-ish long hiatus is this: don’t work second shift if you can avoid it, guys. For serious.

Anyhow, I’m back and writing again, and going to make an actually valid attempt at posting daily (or near that, anyway). Let me update you on a few things that may or may not have happened whilst I was lying a ditch somewhere or something.*

Currently Reading: Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin

I’ve been working on this for a good month or so – I just have not had time to read. However, when I do get a minute (hint: it usually involves me pretending to have to use the restroom for far longer than I really do), I’m still eating it up just as enthusiastically as I did Game of Thrones. Did I mention I got to go see Martin in a book signing, and got Dance with Dragons signed? Have now.


ISU-Con 2011

Pretty much just look it up on Facebook. Along with a few brave fellows, I’ve been busting my butt to get this thing up and running, and this weekend it finally just goes and runs itself, and then I can collapse into a crying, exhausted heap in the middle of the gym floor late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, until someone scrapes me off the floor and carries me home and makes me go to bed.


deAngelis Progress

There is none. Shut up.


However, there are lots of awesome things to look forward to: I’m going to start writing short fiction or (gasp!) some godawful poetry again. Also NaNoWriMo is coming up, so that will be fun, and I’m taking five literature classes simultaneously so I’m going to be bitching quite a lot about Famous People Who Are Not As Good as I Am Obviously.


*Also, I’ll just go ahead and apologize now for the lack of graphics in this post. I’m using TechnoJesus’s laptop and he’s running Arch on it or something. I don’t really understand, I just know that watching him connect me to the internet was mind-boggling and that also neither of us knows how to adjust the freakish mouse sensitivty.