This Post is Full of Even More Derps

I was fully intending to write you a long, educational post full of beautiful witticisms and unmatched insight about tropes, or other crap like that, but once it hit noon I decided that today I just didn’t really care enough.

I ate popsicles instead.

Yes, they were delicious.

To make up for the lack of brilliance, here is a picture I took for you. It is a picture of ducks.

Tomorrow I’m probably going to talk about Game of Thrones, because Game of Thrones.


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Leave me alone, let me drink my tea and write my snark.

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  1. Lovely ducks! What park? I love to sit and watch the ones at Deming!

    • Those are actually ducks at the Indianapolis Zoo. 🙂 I’ve got some lovely pics of the tigers and the seals there, too.

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