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Summertime Blogaliciousness

So, finals are over. To be honest, all I had to do was write a couple of papers and email those in; my only actual final was at 11am yesterday morning, so I hung out at home all week and crocheted. I made some goofy-looking purple handbag, you should go check it out and maybe buy it from me, because even though school is done for the next few months, I am still a poor college student and not going back to Dairy Queen to slave away again. Actually I’m going to put an effort into finding a legit waitressing job here in Terre Haute. Someone pointed me at Texas Roadhouse or Friday’s, so we’ll see what happens.


Go buy that thing from me.

Anyhow, last night we went to go see Thor.


Now, don’t get me wrong, this movie was not nearly as thrilling as Iron Man, but for me there’s not much that can top the awesomeness that is Robert Downey Jr. You should see my expression every time I watch Sherlock Holmes. RDJ and Mark Strong on screen simultaneously? That’s – that’s paradise.


I really did think that Thor was well-done. They only had two hours to get out character development, plot, and establishment of the setting, and I thought they did that well. They had to spend more time reconciling the mythology/superhero genres crossover, and to do that they had to sacrifice some screentime deeper character and plot development, I think. And you know what? I was okay with that. Chris Hemsworth did a pretty good job (and oh my, is he good-looking without a shirt!), Natalie Portman did a good job looking pretty (I saw her character as more of a plot crutch than anything else, but I do have tremendous respect for her as an actor after seeing V for Vendetta several years ago), and Anthony Hopkins and Kat Dennings both made me feel very happy on the inside. Also Idris Elba kind of rocked my world.

Also I think I may have accidentally fangirled all over the place during this trailer:

Believe it or not, I had actually not seen this trailer before, so I was more or less squeeing EVERYWHERE. Is it July yet?

Anyhow, there’s several films coming out this summer – or have come out recently – that I’m pretty excited about, and not just from the fangirl angle. Whenever good, well-made, well-written films come out, I get excited. I can maybe count on one hand the number of films I’ve seen in theaters in the last four years that really moved me.

Tomorrow I’ll have a list for you of all the movies I’m excited about seeing, and also I’ll update you on what’s happening with deAngelis. Maybe. If there’s anything to tell.