A Review & a List of What I’m Having for Dinner This Week

Well, it’s Monday, which actually is my most relaxing day of the week. One class (at 11am), no deadlines for the Statesman until the next day, no staff meetings or appointments. I can relax at eat lunch with Boyfriend, walk with him to work, and then lounge at the bus stop for twenty minutes and read until the free campus bus arrives to take me back to my apartment, where I can get some work done and start prepping for dinner. Mondays are chicken & noodles nights, because I have so much time and chicken & noodles is a five- or six-hour long process. It makes me so happy that dinner for every night of the week is already planned out on the whiteboard in the kitchen…

No, Boyfriend, you are still not hilarious.

Boyfriend believes in spelling reform, which apparently makes it imperative that he post Facebook statuses and comments in IPA, in addition to erasing the shopping list, dinner plans, and the like and rewriting them in ridiculous letters that I’m pretty sure are made up.*

In other news, I finally finished Eye of the World! Yeah! I kind of devoured the last 160 pages during game night for the Role Players Guild, but good grief was it worth it. **

I’d like nothing more to move on to the next book and find out what happens next, but I need to read a couple shorter, lighter books that won’t take me more than two months to finish.

9521c2956556a3f1990b999941531b408b907143A Fistful of Fire, by Misti Wolanski, is making me deal with a few things that I’m not used to. For one, the original draft Evonalé started out on Fictionpress. I must have read it for the first time about six or seven years ago. I wrote a couple of extensive reviews for her, when it was in those initial first-draft stages. Then it wasn’t updated for a long time.

Misti sent me an email after she finished the next draft, and I got the e-book and have been more or less devouring it. However, I can’t seem to look at it the same way I would a book I’d picked up off the shelf at a Barnes & Noble. I have to trick my brain into forgetting that it’s self-published, with Fictionpress origins, and written by someone I “know.” At any rate, so far Misti’s done a fantastic job, and I’ll likely have this thing read by tomorrow night.

In other news holy crap you guys True Blood!

* Surprisingly, the IPA bothers me less than the “Friday” reference.

**My review has a few spoilers in it, so I’ll just do it right here.

This book, to be frank, started out slow. Eye_of_the_WorldDespite that, keeping information straight was pretty difficult – mostly names. I got Rand and Tam mixed up until almost the very moment Rand and the others left Two Rivers, and I didn’t even bother to try and tell Perrin and Mat apart until all of the characters got separated.

Since I absolutely LOVED the plot – which is a big deal for me, because I haven’t read high or epic fantasy in years – I’ll go with a brief analysis of some of the characters, since that ultimately decides whether or not I’ll be reading the rest of the series. Then I’ll talk about the last couple of chapters, especially the climax, and then I’ll be done.

Rand al’Thor was a great protagonist. Perrin was intriguing, especially after his wolf-thing came up, but I thought that whole wolf-thing should have been foreshadowed somehow earlier; having it suddenly appear halfway through the book seemed like Jordan was writing, writing, writing, and then was like – “Hey! This oughta be cool!” Egwene was kinda meh for me, and the Nynaeve/Lan romance was kind of… okay, it was really sudden. Moiraine was pretty cool, and the Ogier was fantastic. I’ve a sneaking suspicion that Elayn, the princess, will show up later, and I’ve heard Elyas gets his kick-ass on in a later book.

All I’ve got to say is, dammit Thom Merrilyn if you are dead I am going to be so disappoint


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