An Examination of My Taste (or Lack Thereof) in Film

It’s occurred to me that a lot of my favorite movies, essentially, suck.

Ask me to name my favorite films, and the first couple won’t surprise you; they’re actually pretty good. The Princess Bride, Stardust, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Bandits.* I hate Will Ferrell, with the exception of Stranger than Fiction, and Jeremy Irons blows my mind in everything I’ve ever seen him in, as long as I pretend that godawful Dungeons & Dragons movie never happened.

Then there’s the failtastic favorites.

Now, granted, I like to think that these films are punctuated with occasional bouts of redeeming wit, but the fact of the matter is that Boondock Saints, while kind of mind-blowingly awesome the first couple of times, really has kind of a weak plot. And the entire purpose of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is to show off Michelle Monaghan’s boobs and crack straight-faced jokes about shooting bullets out of a gay man’s crotch†, ignoring the fact that Val Kilmer is not really believable as said gay man.††

On what can I blame this failure of judgment?

I can blame it on this, this brilliant masterpiece of epic:

Bruce Campbell wins all the things, forever.

Brisco was actually pretty awesome; I got to re-watch some of the episodes a while back for the first time since I was six years old. It’s kind of amazing.

In all seriousness, though, I can’t blame my poor taste in movies on this show, because – helloooo? It’s Bruce Campbell. Bruce Campbell is awesome.

What’s your favorite movie that you’re embarrassed to admit you love?

* What’s embarrassing is that while I’m listing these off I have to keep checking my Facebook profile to remember what, exactly, my favorite films are. I’m more of a sort of person who will hear a title I’ve seen and be like, “Oh yeah! I love that!” or “Oh, dude, that sucked flaming monkey doodoo.”**

** I’m not quite sure when I decided to start making this blog rated PG-13 or less. What’s happening to me? I blame Boyfriend.***

*** Other things I blame Boyfriend for: convincing me to stop using Axe, inspiring me to level up my cooking skills, and in general turning me into more of a girl.

† Aaaaaaaaand there goes my PG-13 rating.

†† Also, Bat-nipples.


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