Getting Off Track

Writing is my life, but lately I haven’t been very good at it. I think probably I’ve been working on the same draft of my novel for the better part of two years, and I haven’t gotten very far – I’ve never onced finished it, no matter how many times I’ve gone back and started over for edits. I get so muddled in the older drafts, in copying over and editing what I’ve already done, that I’ve gotten rusty on that whole writing-stuff-from-scratch thing. And I’ve cut out and added so many scenes, plot points, and characters, changed them around and reworked them, that I often have trouble remembering who’s who and what they’re supposed to be doing when.

So right now my plan is to just write out a brief synopsis of the novel – just to remind myself where I’m going with it – and then try and go from there. Maybe try writing the whole thing out from scratch? It feels like it’s slogging along – I want this to have the pace of an action story, but with the character development of an English film, and I’m not sure that such a thing is even humanly possible.

Spring Break went by and all I did was cross-stitch and play Final Fantasy XIII, so that didn’t do much for my writing. I would say that I was taking a well-deserved break, but the fact of the matter is that I haven’t written anything for nearly a month. Here’s hoping that once I kick my education major and just go straight for English, I won’t be stressing over everything in the world and then I’ll be able to write like a person who actually wants to do this for a living.


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