I guess I failed to announce my unintentional hiatus this past week, so here’s an apology instead. This week has been insane, for the most part – I’ve clearly been playing the part of a working girl. Right now I’m not going to go in-depth into any of the particular daily themes that I had for each day’s post; instead I’m going to throw some quick updates on here about what’s been going on.


deAngelis: Resurrection

I pretty much haven’t written a damn thing in this for the past week. My plot is finally set, but I’m writing quite a bit from scratch, which honestly I haven’t done for a while. While at the same time a bit stressful, I love the feeling of new words flowing out of me.


What I’m reading

I haven’t gotten much further in Eye of the World than the first chapter; I just haven’t had the time. I have been reading a couple pages of Steve Harvey‘s Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, though, and for the most part I would recommend it to every chick I know, whether they’re single or attached to somebody.



I’ve also written a few articles for the Indiana Statesman; the link to that page is in the sidebar to the right. Mostly I’ve been doing quite a bit about the protests and the unrest in the Middle East. In a way I’ve become particularly emotionally connected to the issues. Reading Nicholas D. Kristof‘s editorial on Bahrain in the New York Times yesterday brought tears to my eyes, and halfway through writing my article I had step away and give myself a breather. Even though what I write is unbiased and news-oriented, it is difficult to write even in an objective manner and not have an emotional reaction to all the crap that’s going on over there.

Tonight is an ISU Role Players’ Guild meeting. Probably I ought to go type up an agenda for the business portion, and ready myself for some Pathfinder tonight.

Look for game notes tonight/tomorrow morning, and possibly a new short story posted on my Ficpress page in the near future.

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