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It’s no secret that I can’t really get much writing done without music. When I’m writing lesson plans, I listen to Sibelius and Chopin. When I’m writing articles for the Indiana Statesman, I listen to a mix that includes Fiona Apple, Chromeo, and Patty Griffin; and when I’m writing a novel, I have a “soundtrack” created specifically for each title. In some cases, I have soundtracks created for each scene.

deAngelis: Resurrection has probably the most well-developed “soundtrack” I’ve ever created for any of my novels. Part of that is because I’ve been working on the damn thing, in one form or another, since my sophomore year of high school (you would be shocked to see what Jenna was before she was, well, Jenna).

In all honesty, of course, I do adore film soundtracks. My favorite composer right now is Hans Zimmer (pictured above), no doubt about that. He will always be first and foremost in my heart – I’ve loved him since The Lion King and have continued to adore him through the years. After Zimmer, however, some of my favorites include James Horner, Harry Gregson-Williams, and Ilan Eshkeri. Then there’s Immediate Music, which leans more toward cinematic rock and almost crosses over into remixes, but sometimes I can find just what I need to get me in that writing mood.

I’ve also been known to find “theme songs” for my characters, a practice I’m sure many other writers do. I use it to get myself into the head of the character whose POV I’m about to write from, if I’m switching POVs (something I’ve started doing in deAngelis recently).

The deAngelis “soundtrack” consists mainly of Hans Zimmer, Immediate Music, Linkin Park, and a little Evanescence, although there’s some other things in there, including a monologue that my boyfriend recorded for me in a voice he created for the villain. Follow that link, comment, and tell him how mind-blowingly awesome he is. He says my opinions on his talent are clearly biased, so I’ve no choice but to brag about him to other people and have them see for themselves.

If I had to pick a theme song for my main character, Jenna Devires, it would like be either Linkin Park’s “Bleed it Out” or Fireflight’s “Unbreakable.” The first is fairly obvious in its logic, although the latter, maybe not so much. deAngelis is in no way a religious story, but in a way, it is about faith, and being able to trust in things you really can’t see – whether that’s God or fate or the reliability of someone else’s friendship, love, or loyalty.

My two favorite songs that I play when I’m writing a scene with my villain are either “Inertia Creeps” by Massive Attack, or a track from the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack, “Not in Blood but in Bond”, composed by my one true musical love, Hans Zimmer.

Right now, the scene that I’m working on requires me to put “Time” from Inception on repeat and just keep writing til I get the damn thing finished. Earlier today I put the song on, laid on my bed, and just tried to imagine the scene as if I were watching it in a film – sometimes that helps me to get things out. I don’t even write anything down; I just repeat the scene over and over in my head until it feels right, and then I get up and type it and hope that it somehow matches what was going on in my brain.

I’ll end this post with a youtube video containing the song I always listen to when I need to get motivated to write. This is the song I imagine as the music for the trailer for the final deAngelis book, should it ever *crosses fingers* make it to a film medium.

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